A Preferred Sourcing & Marketing Advisory....

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             Umbrio specializes in Executive Search and caters to the niche, middle & senior management hiring segments through extensive research and mapping for the specialized roles.

            Once the values, mission and targets are in the scope, the next requirement is to find the right people who can deliver results.  

        By finding employees the work they are best suited for, and by finding employers those candidates who best fit in their organization, we provide value to society as a whole. By finding the right balance between the needs of the employer and the changing wishes of employees, we will bring supply and demand closer together.

           We have a well researched and learned team of professionals, tirelessly working to match the best talent with best opportunities. This is done by systematic adherance to the following steps:

  1. Understanding the Client's Organizational needs
  2. Competency Mapping for positions
  3. Industry/ Company specific candidate mapping
  4. Candidate Shortlist by us
  5. Interviews
  6. Reference Checks
  7. Post Recruitment Followup