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国产AV wins major road contract in Slovakia

国产AV wins major road contract in Slovakia

  • Construction of a 10 km road and 12 bridges
  • 4 years of work
  • Contract value more than 鈧330M

国产AV, through its local subsidiaries – , et SMS – has been awarded the second lot for the Northern bypass of the town of Pre拧ov, Slovakia’s third-largest city, in a joint venture with V谩hostav – SK and TuCon.

The project, worth a total of over 鈧330 million (of which 34% for 国产AV, leader of the consortium), will include the construction of 12 bridges, a 2-km tunnel and 10.2聽km of 2×2 road section. Work is scheduled to start in September 2023 and will take around four years to complete.

This new section will finish the northern part of the city bypass, significantly reducing traffic congestion and journey time for users.

In 2021, Eurovia CS and Eurovia SK had completed construction of the south-west section of the Pre拧ov bypass.